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unique features from Tomoorcom

Great taste

Enjoy the taste of our luxurious dates that contain NO additives to preserve the taste and purity of each date.

Competitive prices

While being price-conscious, our dates maintain the high-quality and purity we demand for our customers

Wonderful packaging

With a unique design and colors that preserves our heritage, we present our products in a luxurious package

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At TOMOORCOM, we provide our valued customers high-quality date paste and premium products to preserve our honorable legacy, bring tradition back to life and re-popularize this legendary product in Türkiye and around the world!



About us

About Us

With the increasing demand on dates and its products in Turkey Tomoorcom was founded to meet the demand of the local market and both the middle eastern and global market too.

We work relentlessly to provide high-quality premium products that will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and while we focus on the quality we never neglect the health aspect where our trained and specialized team chose the highest quality dates only from each kind before production in our factory.

We make sure to revise and evolve our procedures regularly to keep pace with the latest practices in terms of manufacturing methods, safety, and packaging to meet the international standards in various shapes and different sizes depending on our costumers' demands and needs.

With our dynamic production line, we can supply food producers with dates and other products that will meet the specification that they need to achieve a high-quality product. 


Our Vision

We seek to present the premium dates and its high-quality products which hold the great legacy and heritage in our society to be the ambassadors of this legendry product in turkey and around the world.




Why Tomoorcom

-Because Quality is our top priority we carefully select our dates straight from the farm to present special premium dates.


- Because our date paste doesn’t have any additives or preservatives and is prepared from dates only, unlike other brands that add a
  lot of fruits beside dates, which affects the taste and nutritional value.


- Because our date paste is free from any impurities or dirt, and we make sure that the date used in it is clean, free from weevils and
  insects, and that they are at the appropriate stage of maturity to give the perfect taste and texture that matches our specifications.


- Because we use high-tech production lines that ensure the preservation of nutritional values ​​of dates in the final product, so you can
  enjoy a healthy, natural meal.


- Because we guarantee to provide you with a healthy and clean product, a specialized team performs a regular sterilization process
  inside the facility and we are keen to provide you with a clean product.


-Because our date paste is made 100% from date which gives it the appropriate texture and taste to use in all kinds of sweets.


- Because we use the latest packaging lines that meet the

  international standards for food and protect the date paste from fermentation and rotting and maintain its balanced texture.