Ripening Of Dates


Ripening Of Dates

Since ancient times dates are considered a curtail part of the human diet. They are one of the most nutritious fruit and they are different depending on the nature of the date weather it was moist or dry or in between due to the environmental conditions surrounding the tree. The ingredients of each fruit are also different in each kind they contain between 70% to 78% sugar inside it which fast-absorbing fast digest and easy to burn. Ripening of dates goes through five stages which are 


-Grain: this is the first stage of development where the fruit is small and stays between 6-4 weeks.

-The Camry : which is the second stage, the size of the date starts to increase and get the green color.

-Albasr: A slow increase in weight comes with a change in color from green to yellow this takes between 3-5 weeks.

-Rutab-(wet): The tissue begins to moist and it starts to get soft all-around 3-5 weeks.

-Date: This is the final stage the date starts to get the dark color that we know.