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In the heart of Turkey, amidst a rising tide of demand for dates and their delectable derivatives, Tomoorcom® emerged as a beacon of excellence. Born from a passion to cater not only to local cravings but also to tantalize palates across the Middle East and beyond, we embarked on a mission to redefine date delicacies.

At Tomoorcom®, our pursuit of perfection knows no bounds. With unwavering dedication, we curate a selection of premium products designed to surpass every expectation. Guided by a team of experts, we meticulously handpick only the finest dates, ensuring each variety meets our exacting standards long before they grace our production lines.

Innovation is our hallmark, as we continually refine our processes to embrace cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. From stringent safety protocols to bespoke packaging solutions, we spare no effort in delivering excellence tailored to the diverse demands of our clientele.

Fueled by a dynamic production line, we stand ready to supply discerning food producers with the essential ingredients for culinary greatness. With Tomoorcom, the recipe for success is as simple as sublime.

Tomoorcom® is a subsidiary of the Zeyna® Group

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